Fashioned from Nature

Naturally inspired

Sustainable sourcing has become a hot topic in recent years, and nowhere more so than in the world of fashion. This latest exhibition from the V&A explores fashion’s fascinating – and sometimes troubled – relationship with nature, through 350 carefully selected objects spanning over 400 years.

The objects are at once beautiful, intriguing and, at times, confronting. The historic popularity of using animal parts is highlighted in exhibits such as earrings fashioned from the heads of two honeycreeper birds and a dress entirely covered in jewel beetle wings.

The contemporary section showcases exquisite items from leading designers, all inspired in one way or another by the natural world. It also highlights the campaigners, protest groups and activists that helped to put sustainability in fashion centre stage. This is an exhibition with an uplifting message, drawing attention to innovative solutions that look as good as their sustainability credentials. These include Emma Watson’s Calvin Klein dress made from recycled plastic bottles, and outfits created from a grape waste called Vegea. Artist Diane Scherer’s extraordinary dress grown from plant roots posits the question whether we may one day grow our own garments.

Beautiful and inspiring, this exhibition will leave you with an entirely new perspective on your own wardrobe.

Fashioned From Nature isn’t just a captivating exhibition to get lost in for a few hours, but an urgent call to action to us all to readdress the way we think about fashion and more importantly our precious planet.


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21 April – 27 January 2019


V&A Museum
Cromwell Road