Royal Ascot

Form, fillies and front runners

Mention a day at the horses and inevitably Royal Ascot springs to mind: Britain’s most valuable race meeting and a fixed highlight of the social calendar. The thunder of hooves on turf, the bated breath of the punters, the cheers of those who’ve won and the despondent ripping of failed betting slips of those who’ve lost. While the business of racing is the main focus of the event, there’s as much attention to be paid to the glamour, fashion and style of the spectators as to the form of the horses and the skill of the jockeys. Add to that fantastic dining options, menus by Michelin-starred chefs, picnics and popped champagne corks, and of course all the pomp and ceremony, the bands and the flag-waving that go with the Queen’s attendance, and one day won’t seem anywhere near enough. Fortunately there are five days of the Royal Meet to choose from, each with its own particular flavour, and six races to stake all on to win.

What to wear

Daft hats and crazy costumes are a complete no-no, as are short skirts and off the shoulder dresses. There are different dress codes for the Royal Enclosure, Grandstand and Silver Ring, and they change yearly, so make sure you check in online before you dress for the day.

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19-23 June 2018


Ascot Racecourse
High Street
Berkshire SL5 7JX