The Future Starts Here

Tomorrow’s World 

What will the world look like decades from now? This riveting exhibition at the V&A presents a landscape of possibilities for the near future.

The Future Starts Here explores the many fascinating (and sometimes unsettling) ways in which technology is transforming our lives. It showcases emerging technologies and explores if, and how, we can influence their development.

The exhibition is organised into four acts, focusing on different areas of life.

  • Domestic looks at how we use technology to extend our biological and cognitive capabilities, and how this blurs the lines between person and machine.

  • Public explores the development of smart cities and how private actions can have public consequences.

  • Planetary questions whether we can use design to stop climate change or if we should devote our resources to finding ways to leave our planet – or even design a new one.

  • Cosmic dives into the desire for immortality, whether in the form of a personal, digital afterlife or large-scale preservation of human culture.

Challenging and intriguing in equal measure, The Future Starts Here prompts us to ponder, what next for humankind?

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12 May  4 November 2018


V&A Mueseum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL