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  • We continuously strive to improve upon the services we offer our guests. To help us to do so, please spare a moment to tell us about your recent stay.       

    How would you rate your stay at Claridge's overall?


    Your expectations were...


    How did you find our staff overall?


    Your expectations were...


    Would you recommend Claridge's to friends and family?


    Would you return to Claridge's given the opportunity?

    Was your stay primarily for business or pleasure?


    On average, how many nights do you spend in London each year?

     And what proportion of these nights would you say are spent at Claridge's?


    We are concerned about providing an environmentally friendly stay and improving our green policies where possible. Of what importance is this to you for future stays at Claridge's?


    We would be very interested to hear about your experience of the following aspects of your stay, where applicable. 

      Exceptional Excellent Good Poor
    Reservation Experience        
    Limousine Service
    Hotel arrival / front door experience
    Lobby experience and check-in
    Concierge and luggage porters
    Room introduction
    Daily maid service
    Evening turndown service        
    Room cleanliness        
      Exceptional Excellent Good Poor
    Standard of décor in room        
    Room and bathroom amenities        
    In room information        
    In room facilities / entertainment        
    Dry-cleaning services        
    Hotel switchboard      
    Claridge's Beauty and Fitness        
    Hotel departure and check-out        


    Please rate the quality of our restaurants and bars, where applicable.

    The Foyer and Reading Room  Service / staff        
      Food & drink        


    Claridge's Bar  Service / staff        
      Food & drink        


    The Fumoir  Service / staff        
      Food & drink        


    Room Service Service / staff        
      Food & drink        


    Conference / private event Service / staff        
      Food & drink        


    Gordon Ramsay at Claridge's Service / staff        
      Food & drink        


    Are there an members of staff who made your visit particularly special?

    Name(s) / Department(s)

    What did they do?

    Do you have any more comments on your experience or ways in which we could personalise future stays?

    And finally...

    Claridge's holds various events during the course of the year. If you would like to hear more about them,  please indicate your areas of interest below.




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