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    With its art deco elegance, sparkling silver surroundings and aura of deepest luxury, Claridge’s has long been synonymous with being the best of the best. Proud of our heritage and tradition of high standards, Claridge’s aim is not simply to maintain these standards but to improve them. Being the best is all about the people, often behind the scenes, who strive and work with passion and endeavour. Claridge’s Master classes are designed to share the expertise and experience, the secrets and skills of these key members of Claridge’s team.

    Carving a leg of lamb, preparing the perfect Sunday Roast and creating the world-renowned Afternoon tea pastries will no longer be a mere fantasy as Claridge’s invites gourmands to change jackets for aprons and learn insider tricks from the best in the business.

    Claridge’s Master classes showcases sessions such as Carving, Sunday Roast, Fish, Afternoon Tea and British Pudding.

    The British Pudding masterclass shares century old recipes of Claridge’s Bread & Butter pudding and crumble whiles the Sunday Roast masterclass will allow you to become an expert of this most British of traditions.

    All master classes start with a talk by the Claridge’s expert, followed by the making of the dishes or puddings. During each master class guests may be invited to participate in some of the culinary tasks being prepared. Depending on the master class, the day is completed with either lunch in the Kitchen or Afternoon Tea in The Foyer.

    Master classes are priced at £225 per person, all inclusive.

    Private groups are very welcome. Master classes can be arranged any day throughout the year for groups of 10 to 12.

    • Afternoon Tea Master Class
      Seasonal Afternoon Tea

       30th January 2016

      Afternoon tea at Claridge’s is world renowned. Learn how to make the perfect scone and tea pastries.

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    • Carving Master Class
      Carving master class

       6th February 2016 

      We'll show you all the skills, precision and tips needed to carve beef, chicken and smoked salmon 

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    • Roast Master Class
      Sunday roast master class

      13th March 2016

      Learn about all elements of the classic Sunday Roast from the roast itself to Yorkshire puddings.

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    • Fish Master Class
      Fish Master Class

       7th May 2016

      Learn what to look for when buying fish, how to bone and prepare raw fish and also how to cook it.

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    • Chocolate Master Class
      Chocolate Master Class

       4th June 2016 

      Discover the various different types of chocolate and get some special tips about how to cook with it.

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    • British Pudding
      British puds 225

      17th September 2016

      Guests will learn all there is to know about classic British desserts and will finish the class with lunch

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    • Game Master Class
      Game Master Class Signpost

       8th October 2016

      As a celebration of game season, guests will explore different ways of preparing and cooking game.

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