Our people

Not that I intend to die, but when I do, I don't want to go to heaven - I want to go to Claridge's

Spencer Tracy

Visiting Claridge's, the place, is a treat in itself. But it is Claridge's people who create the spellbinding experiences that bring guests back, year after year.

From the doormen to the housekeepers, and the chefs to the butlers, everyone is committed to making your stay as smooth as possible. And, because every guest is different, we take time to learn your individual needs, so that we are ready to meet any request, day or night.

Going to great lengths

Flying a guest's favourite cookies from New York. Helping to unpack 43 suitcases, then perfectly repacking them 48 hours later. Organising a bespoke ghost tour at 15 minutes' notice. These are just three examples of how far we go to fulfil our guests' wishes.

Then there are all the behind-the-scenes elements that go into delivering exceptional 5-star service. From the hand-washed and polished fruit in every suite to the perfectly shined silverware that accompanies your afternoon tea, we are committed to making every guest feel at ease and at home.

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