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At Claridge’s we are proud of our art deco history, yet we are always looking to the future and embracing new fashion and design. In recent years we have collaborated with many of the world’s most influential designers including Veere Grenney, Diane von Furstenburg, Guy Oliver, David Linley and BOS Studio.

A black and white photo in front of Claridge's Hotel and the passers-by at that time as part of history.

The early days

The plans for Claridge’s were drawn up by C W Stephens – the architect behind Harrods. He redeveloped the original hotel prior to its reopening in 1898. Much of his work remains to this day.

Chandeliers and gold ornaments from the Art Deco era can be seen at Claridge's Hotel.

The art deco era

During the 1920s and 1930s, Claridge’s was transformed into an art deco icon. As the jazz age swept through the world, Claridge’s invited art deco pioneer Basil Ionides to redesign the restaurant and several of the suites. His magnificent glass screens still shimmer in the Foyer & Reading Room .

A view of the entrance outside Claridge's Hotel, with doorkeeper, flags and parked cars outside.

Making an entrance

By 1929, Claridge’s was the talk of the town. Oswald Milne strengthened its reputation, designing a new main entrance and removing the awkward carriage drive. A façade of Roman stone and a mirrored foyer completed the new look.

A view of a King Bed and a bedroom in a classic interior with Art Deco elements, in pastel colours of design.

The art deco block

Buoyed by the success of the redesign, Milne had even bigger plans in mind. A new art deco extension block was added to the east side of Claridge’s. Outside, it was a simple, cubic addition to the original hotel. Inside, it featured a fine suite of reception and guest rooms, all furnished in a smart, eclectic style.

Art deco lobby, and the combination of elegance in the interior at Claridge's with magnificent flower arrangements.

The hotel today

In 1996 Claridge’s embarked on a major restoration. New York-based designer Thierry Despont made over the Foyer in modern art deco style. The centrepiece of his design is a Dale Chihuly light sculpture, suspended from the ceiling like a chandelier.

Named �The Celestial Snow Globe�, Claridge�s Christmas Tree 2021, was created by Kim Jones.

Moving with the times

Every year we continue to innovate and inspire. In 2012 we opened 25 suites designed by David Linley, one of Britain’s most respected designers and craftsmen. And each year, over the festive season, the talk of the town is Claridge’s Christmas tree. Specially created for us by a world-renowned designer, it marks the start of Christmas in the capital.

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