La-Eva Body Treatments

Sensorial and grounding aromatherapy massages combining warm, organic base oils with essential oil blends. 

Sensory Immersion
60/90 minutes | £195/£235

A sensory aromatherapy massage that grounds, uplifts and transports within an evolving scentscape of Blū, Rosēum and Jasmīna fragrances. Warm, organic base oils and lotions are used during this unique body massage.

Deep Release
60/90 minutes | £195/£235

A holistic, invigorating treatment with rocking body movements to release tension and unlock body and mind. This deep tissue massage uses warm, organic base oils and the La-Eva Spīce essential oil blend, ending with a transporting scalp massage with the luxurious Jasmīna oil.

Treatment Enhancement

Rose Body Scrub
45 minutes | £95

A full body exfoliation using La-Eva Rosēum exfoliant and bath salts, which draw on the therapeutic properties of organic essential oils, Himalayan salt and mineral-rich fleur de sel sourced from the Algarve. This treatment can only be reserved in combination with treatments of 60 minutes or more.

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Please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment is due to start. This will give you plenty of time to change.

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