Augustinus Bader Body & Facial Treatments

Advanced facials that combine the award-winning skincare developed by Professor Augustinus Bader.

The Method Augustinus Bader Full Body Detox Ritual
90 minutes | £325

This unique treatment combines The Method Augustinus Bader with next generation far infrared, plasma and light technology for synergistic skin rejuvenation and science-backed detoxification benefits. After a cleansing shower, the legs and torso are enveloped in the UK’s first MLX i3Dome, an innovative three-in-one chamber developed to activate tissue metabolism and stimulate cellular communication and repair. The treatment is fully adaptable to suit personal preferences and complexion needs, and includes 15 minutes of bespoke facial therapy. Skin is left visibly smoother, firmer and revitalised in just one session.

The Method Augustinus Bader Facial
75 minutes | £225

The Method Augustinus Bader is a bespoke, science-backed treatment that combines award-winning skincare technology with customised fascia massage to stimulate cell rejuvenation. This highly sensorial, hands-on facial leverages the Augustinus Bader hero formulas to help boost cellular communication, promote circulation and refresh the skin. The treatment concludes with a detoxifying and moisturising mask ritual for an immediate glow.

Introduction Facial
60 minutes | £200

A streamlined version of The Method Augustinus Bader Facial. Skin is thoroughly cleansed in preparation for skincare developed to activate skin stem cells and boost natural repair cycles. Signature massage techniques enhance circulation and hydration, ensuring optimal product absorption and delivery of key actives.

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