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Award winning Augustinus Bader brings The Method Augustinus Bader - the brand’s series of bespoke professional skincare treatments - to Claridge’s Spa, uniquely designed to amplify the power of its exclusive TFC8® technology, for optimised results tailored to each and every skin need.

The Method Augustinus Bader Facial
75 minutes | £300

The Method Augustinus Bader is a bespoke, science-backed treatment that combines award-winning skincare technology with customised fascia massage to stimulate cell rejuvenation. This highly sensorial, hands-on facial leverages the Augustinus Bader hero formulas to help boost cellular communication, promote circulation and refresh the skin. The treatment concludes with a detoxifying and moisturising mask ritual for an immediate glow.

Introduction Facial
60 minutes | £250

A streamlined version of The Method Augustinus Bader Facial. Skin is thoroughly cleansed in preparation for skincare developed to activate skin stem cells and boost natural repair cycles. Signature massage techniques enhance circulation and hydration, ensuring optimal product absorption and delivery of key actives.

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The Specialised Treatments of Augustinus Bader

There are just a few brands that make it through to the beauty zeitgeist. And even fewer that do it without a celebrity face or multi-million-pound ad campaign. Cue Augustinus Bader, one of a new generation that’s embracing an unassuming, fact-focused approach to skincare. So, what is it about these no-nonsense products that’s attracting a cult following? And is there a method behind the magic? Guests of Claridge's Spa can now find out.


A woman using The Method Augustinus Bader Facial skincare treatment at Claridge's Spa.
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