Signature Treatments

Our signature treatments combine a holistic approach with results-driven, high-tech methods.

Welcoming Foot Ceremony
10 minutes | Included with our Bamboo & Silk Ritual and Bespoke 90-minute treatment

Temple incense, seasonally blended tea and healing bells made by Japanese artisans are used to cleanse the mind and aid relaxation. Wash away the outside world with our welcoming foot ceremony. Seasonal, scented water with freshly fermented enzyme-rich koji softens and smooths the skin, while shiatsu pressure points are applied to unlock tension and encourage circulation.

Bamboo & Silk Ritual
90 minutes | £295

A total mind and body immersion comprising of our welcoming foot ceremony with enzyme-rich koji to smooth and soften skin, a trilogy of body and hand massage techniques and a nurturing silk facial. An invigorating body massage with warmed bamboo sticks works deep into the muscles, stretching and releasing tension while harnessing the powerful healing benefits of heat combined with seasonal herbs within hot oil-infused poultices. A deep hand massage soothes stress held throughout the body. The treatment ends with a nurturing facial. Silk cocoons hydrate and replenish the skin’s barrier, while mini-poultices are used on pressure points on the face and décolletage to calm the mind and leave you feeling restored and rested.

Bespoke treatment
60/90 minutes | £195/£260

Our personalised, omakase-inspired approach means that we can craft a bespoke treatment tailored to your needs. Why not end your spa treatment with a Josh Wood blow-dry, manicure or pedicure?

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