A view of a girl enjoying a gentle treatment from Claridge's Spa, with a wellness professional applying the treatment.

The Specialised Treatments of Augustinus Bader

19 June 2024

There are just a few brands that make it through to the beauty zeitgeist. And even fewer that do it without a celebrity face or multi-million-pound ad campaign. Cue Augustinus Bader, one of a new generation that’s embracing an unassuming, fact-focused approach to skincare. So, what is it about these no-nonsense products that’s attracting a cult following? And is there a method behind the magic? Guests of Claridge’s Spa can now find out.

A view of a girl enjoying a gentle treatment from Claridge's Spa, with a wellness professional applying the treatment.
The entrance to Claridge's Spa which is a tall sculpture with a vertical chain and wood surrounds
A view of a girl enjoying a gentle treatment from Claridge's Spa, with a wellness professional applying the treatment.
Woman with dark hair in pink printed kimono walking down the Claridge's spa corridor


Whispers of a new ‘miracle’ cream began in 2018, when Augustinus Bader launched his first science-led skincare brand. But the story didn’t begin there. Professor Bader is a globally renowned biomedical scientist and expert in stem cell biology. His 30-year career has taken him across countries and continents – he has over 200 patents in his field and has scooped dozens of awards. In fact, the origins of Professor Bader’s skincare line lie in the treatment of burn victims, and his ground-breaking Wound Gel, which has revolutionised the healing process for patients worldwide.

Distilling his relentless research and innovation in regenerative medicine, today Professor Bader’s transformative technology comes in a little blue bottle. He has garnered a loyal following among those seeking renewed and restored skin – not to mention beauty editors and aestheticians – and his indulgent formulas are the not-so-secret ingredient behind some of the best facials in London.

In medical labs today, in your skincare tomorrow

Vogue, on the growing phenomenon of science in skincare

The technology behind Augustinus Bader treatments

Inspired by his pioneering Wound Gel, Professor Bader developed his patented Trigger Factor Complex – or TFC8®. This powerful cocktail of amino acids, vitamins and naturally occurring peptides has been carefully designed to nourish, protect and renew skin for the long term. Every product in the Augustinus Bader range works in harmony with the body, and whether at home or in the spa, his facial treatments have proven highly effective in reducing fine lines and redness, as well as in addressing specific concerns like hyperpigmentation, cellulite and stretch marks.

From the lab to London’s heart

In a beauty market that’s always announcing the next big thing, or a new lengthy routine to follow, Augustinus Bader skincare remains the definition of smart simplicity. A curation of bestsellers promises results in 27 days, and the addition of high-performance haircare is the line’s crowning glory.

Transported to the spa environment, Augustinus Bader therapies are a holistic wellness experience. Beyond boosting skin health, the benefits of a facial extend to the mind and spirit. Time to oneself, a moment to recentre – in our increasingly busy lives, it’s a true treat(ment) for body and soul.

Specialised treatments at Claridge’s Spa

Augustinus Bader facial and body treatments are at the heart of Claridge’s Spa – a sublime space dedicated to wellbeing. The Introduction Facial sees skin thoroughly cleansed, before signature massage techniques enhance circulation and the effective absorption of Professor Bader’s rejuvenating and regenerating formulas. Then there’s The Method Augustinus Bader Facial, a sense-stirring experience that harnesses the brand’s hero formulas to refresh and restore. The ritual concludes with a detoxifying and moisturising mask to awaken an inner glow.

The final treatment in this science-backed trio is the Augustinus Bader Radio Frequency Facial. Precise signals target the skin’s dermal layer to activate cells and kick-start the healing process. Meanwhile, the TFC8-infused formulas get to work, boosting hydration and reinvigorating the complexion. Whichever facial treatment you choose, expect a beautifully bespoke experience that improves texture and tone, for a radiance that’s more than skin deep.

Claridge's treatment room: on the left a bed and copper foot bath beside it
A view of a girl enjoying a gentle treatment from Claridge's Spa, with a wellness professional applying the treatment.
View of Claridge's Spa pool and at the end, a woman sat on a cabana in a pink printed kimono.
A view of a girl enjoying a gentle treatment from Claridge's Spa, with a wellness professional applying the treatment.


A holistic healing experience

Deep beneath the bustle of Mayfair, Claridge’s Spa offers a Zen-like space in which to unwind and recharge. A meditative blend of water and energy-cleansing music flows through André Fu’s interior design – a sensorial concept that takes its inspiration from Japanese temples and natural elements.

With notes of cinnamon and cedarwood from the Spa’s custom fragrance in the air, the journey begins with a seasonal tea or crystal-infused water. There are seven sublime treatment spaces, along with steam rooms and saunas. And at its centre is the electrolyte-rich pool, framed by private cabanas that stretch out relaxation.

Each experience here is designed to be bespoke. Signature treatments begin and end with thoughtful rituals that take their cue from the Japanese art of ceremony. Wellness Concierges can curate custom health plans to meet individual needs, while expert therapists draw on traditional techniques and the latest in bio-innovation to reveal a new state of being.

With our seasoned healers at the helm, the Augustinus Bader collection promises some of the best facials in London. Treatments are carefully tailored, combining science-backed skincare with time-honoured rituals, rooted in serenity – for a harmonious experience from beginning to end.

To embrace the science of skincare, discover the treatments by Augustinus Bader at Claridge’s Spa – available to book online or by calling +44 (0)207 409 6565.

Claridge's Spa welcome foot ritual, copper bowl with a ladies feat in it, with water and petals
Claridge's spa treatment room, serene room with bed
Claridge's Spa pool with a side on view of a lady with dark hair in a green swim suit. Behind is a cabana with cushions
View of Claridge's Spa sauna.

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